my spot

Went to my spot.

Fresh, moist, thick with the scent of trees, ground, clarity.

Wanted photos of the whole family, but like last year, it didn’t work out.  Mia took a shot of me with Anna.

Anna avoided camera while playing with leaves.

Mia running wild, posing, happy.

Anna: chatting, grabbing camera, kicking when I stand still.

Me: Stress. Wanting perfection. Finding acceptance. Peace.

Breathe the space, breathe the beauty in discovery.

The  moment.



Alan has it.  He’s home from work, sleeping.

I have a mess of a house to fix, guilt for not spending time with Mia, dreaming of sitting at the computer with the door closed and music playing, sans children.

Stealing a moment to check mail and blog.

Anna sleeping on my chest in the Ergo.



Photographed house for a bite of joy.

Pumpkins from garden.  Mums from Mary.

Warm, overcast, mist.
Fallen leaves, yellow and red.
Birds flying about in panic.
Red berries on Mountain Ash.


Need space, time, air.
Day is done. Kids, cat, husband in bed.
Tired. Exchanging sleep for breathing room.
Alan has the flu.
Waiting. Soon will be our turn.

Bring it on.