Photographed house for a bite of joy.

Pumpkins from garden.  Mums from Mary.

Warm, overcast, mist.
Fallen leaves, yellow and red.
Birds flying about in panic.
Red berries on Mountain Ash.


Need space, time, air.
Day is done. Kids, cat, husband in bed.
Tired. Exchanging sleep for breathing room.
Alan has the flu.
Waiting. Soon will be our turn.

Bring it on.


2 thoughts on “breath

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  1. I’m caught up on your blog! What a nice way to spend my evening. I think I would like to meet you someday. Your life seems lovely. Your poems are lovely. Your photographs are lovely.

    1. Thanks for all of your comments, Allison! I love reading your blog. I would like to meet you someday, too–you are so much like me (except that you are so funny and much bolder than I am!).

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