in finding my way completing the circle the way that feels right to me in healing and appreciating the beauty of a scar that tells my story. in knowing that this moment may be the last in savoring what i have and taking this and loving it instead of hating what shouldn't have been. grief:... Continue Reading →


passed quickly but pleasantly Alan took pictures of us at my spot Lauren turned six had a showing thoroughly cleaned the house and had plenty of sweet, sweet family time. love.

welcome home

i drank the sickness of pain. swollen veins pushing overflow. today i could drink no more and the glutton died. suddenly there is space. pain, like ashes, dried up taken by wind. the corset loosened. suddenly, there is room. to breathe in newness, hope. i am fresh, and have finally found it again: my happy.


a fall day warm enough to wear a t-shirt went to Hyland Lake Park Reserve with the Prusi's for some outside play time hilly, open spaces clean forest with wood chip trails can't believe I've lived here for all this time and never knew this place existed. caught a few shots before my camera died.

finding nature

replenishes me have always known it but somehow have neglected it for too long. We visited many nature centers the last couple of weeks and this has left me feeling rejuvenated and a little more whole. Mia plays freely in natural spaces, can't get enough, doesn't want to leave. Beautiful. Pictures from Elm Creek Reserve... Continue Reading →


Fresh autumn air. Warm sun. Open windows. Perfect treatment for my depression, fatigue, and resentment. Mia still sick.  Sipping tea with honey and a movie. Love.

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