passed quickly

but pleasantly

Alan took pictures of us at my spot

Lauren turned six

had a showing

thoroughly cleaned the house

and had plenty of sweet, sweet family time.


2 thoughts on “weekend

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  1. um hello amazing lady! why aren’t you shouting from the rooftops about your blog?! i only found it when looking for your “real” email address (instead of through fb). this is wonderful! you’re a beautiful writer and the photos are all pure loveliness!

    and this sweet, sweet love day looks like pure bliss! 🙂

    1. Oh, thank you so much, G! That means a lot coming from you, whose writing I adore. I have kept this as more of a personal journal for the last few months, pondering the idea of doing some more “serious” blogging once I find a focus. I guess I feel sort of shy about revealing this on a public level, perhaps because it is so personal. Still testing the waters…Thanks again for your support and kind words.

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