eleven months

I have trouble believing it’s almost been a year since this little bundle of love came into the world, right here in our living room.

She loves to clap, crawl, laugh at big sis, make us laugh, throw things into the bathtub (like ALL things she can get her hands on), bite, hit, dig through the kitchen cabinets, nurse, pee on the potty, cuddle, push things and walk behind them, and talk in baby gibberish.

Happy eleven months, my sweet little Anna.

two-surprise tuesday

Our second Two-Surprise Tuesday was a big hit with Mia.  This was a rare special treat; I went “all out” with this one.  The day was both exhausting and wonderful.

first surprise: a morning sewing lesson with auntie Daja and a “new” sewing machine that’s all her own!

second surprise: TWO trips on her favorite carousel!

and a little bonus surprise to finish off the day.