a tea party with a unicorn named "Gold" a beach in the middle of winter and falling asleep between the heating vent and the toilet, all by yourself on the hard tile floor, wearing but one woolen sock. Happy Thursday!


light but not sure where it comes from through mist that never clears, I use my hands to blindly fumble through stacks upon stacks hoping that the one I seek grabs me first.

a headband

This is our first project with our newly acquired sewing machine.  Mia wore this headband all over town today.  It got lots of compliments, but to her disappointment, everyone mistook her headband for a crown.

eleven months

I have trouble believing it's almost been a year since this little bundle of love came into the world, right here in our living room. She loves to clap, crawl, laugh at big sis, make us laugh, throw things into the bathtub (like ALL things she can get her hands on), bite, hit, dig through... Continue Reading →

two-surprise tuesday

Our second Two-Surprise Tuesday was a big hit with Mia.  This was a rare special treat; I went "all out" with this one.  The day was both exhausting and wonderful. first surprise: a morning sewing lesson with auntie Daja and a "new" sewing machine that's all her own! second surprise: TWO trips on her favorite... Continue Reading →

valentine’s day

A special Valentine's dinner at my mom's and dad's house, which is extra beautiful and cozy on a cold winter's eve. Happy belated Valentine's Day!

grandpa’s handiwork

Grandpa Steve and Mia made a special gift for Anna's first birthday.  She received it a month early; she is frantically trying to walk now and Grandpa thought the cart would be a great help.  It is beautifully crafted as always. The smile says it all. Thank you, Grandpa and Mia!

in bad times

on the stairs guarded by the climbed-over, pushed-on baby gate my lonely camera sits collecting dust slowly bleeding its battery waiting for a better day.

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