Although I like New Year’s resolutions, or the idea of accomplishing many wonderful, unrealistic tasks and becoming the extraordinary version of myself in the coming year…

I dislike the disappointment that comes with reaching year’s end and having NOT accomplished the great, many feats I set out to do at year’s beginning.

Instead, I like to choose a few small things to work on in the upcoming year, with the mindset of accepting myself for not always being that perfect, extraordinary version of myself I *so* would like to be. Mostly, I like to reflect on what I DID accomplish in the past year, celebrating small steps and memorable moments.  So here goes.

Little things to celebrate, 2009:

Giving birth to my beautiful, healthy baby in the exact way I had desired: at home, peacefully, naturally, and confidently.  This was my most rewarding and satisfying life experience so far.

With the help of hypnosis, overcoming a variety of mental blocks, most importantly:

overcoming my fear of public speaking. This fear had plagued me since childhood, made me drop out of college, and has held me back in ways I’d never have imagined it would.  Being free of this fear is deliciously liberating!

overcoming my inability to maintain a clean and orderly household, while gaining the ability to manage my household without stress.  I do a little bit of work, all the time, and don’t have to neglect my children to do so.  All it took was just took a little organization, planning, and hypnosis!

overcoming my shopping addiction! From outside appearances, most people would never guess that spending money impulsively and unnecessarily (and far outside of our teeny budget) was in my can of worms.  Well, it was! And it had been since I started earning childhood allowances.  Although I still have the occasional impulsive spending spree at Target (that ends up being returned the next day), my long-held spending addiction is finally under control.

decluttering and simplifying our possessions to the point of knowing exactly what we have, why we have it, and that we love it or need it (this excludes the garage and Alan’s workshop…ahem).

Mia overcoming her dentist phobia (no hypnosis needed!) and loving her first dentist appointment.  And no cavities!

Alan refurbishing two (yes, TWO!) beat-up motorcycles and selling one of them (to a young guy in no helmet or leather).

We bought a great camera (to replace the camera we lost to a car thief) and it has allowed us to beautifully capture treasured moments.

Mia learning to ride a bike!

2009 was filled with an abundance of both struggles and achievements. Struggles and achievements walk hand-in-hand; both have given me tools to learn and grow.  I am thankful for both.

Welcome, 2010, and all that you have in store.

for information about the hypnosis program I used, visit:

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