two-surprise tuesday

Our newest tradition: Two-Surprise Tuesday!

Both surprises welcomed Mia when she awoke this morning.

I love the idea of starting the day with wet-on-wet watercolor painting, as is done in Waldorf classrooms.  This is something I would love to do every day, but with the hoopla of getting everyone dressed and fed in the morning (and undressed and tucked into bed the night before), that might be a stretch.

However, there is a special treat I don’t have to stretch for: having hot porridge in the crock pot, prepared the night before and ready to eat in the morning.  With a dollop of butter, a little cream, a swirl of maple syrup, we have a simple, wholesome breakfast that almost made itself!

But of course, as much as I enjoyed these little treats on Two-Surprise Tuesday, this  was not about me.  It was about Mia.  It was about making her feel special, adding to her memory-bank, and welcoming a new tradition to our weekday lives.

She loved it.

For more information on Stockmar paints and wet-on-wet watercolor supplies, visit:

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  1. i. LOVE. this! mia must have felt so amazingly special and a tuesday tradition is absolutely priceless! she will remember this forever and perhaps continue it with her own kids. yes, it is that special!

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