Mia loves pink. And makeup, and dresses, and anything “girly”.  So of course she loves nail polish, too.

Her health-conscious mama, however, has not allowed nail polish in the house. Ever.  And Mia was starting to feel deprived.

Pulling on my heartstrings, this issue had to be resolved.  After a little searching, I found the perfect solution:  all natural Piggy Paint!


The little bottle of Piggy Paint, with shipping and a bottle of natural polish remover, came to (hold on to your hats) …twenty (yes,twenty) dollars.

Although this bottle of liquid gold will last us a while, it still hurt a bit to fork over this chunk of dough for  a (seemingly) unimportant and frivolous purchase.

But safety is priceless.  And so was the smile on Mia’s face when her wish for pink polish came true.

She loved it.

For more on the dangers of conventional nail polish, visit: