winter cozy

Minnesota winters can get… well, long.  And cold, and dreary.  And for some people, they can get downright depressing. Although I dress for the weather and put on a happy face (in an honest attempt to make the best of the season), each year I find myself yearning a little bit sooner for spring’s arrival.

This year is no different.  I am dreaming of spring, fantasizing about stepping out of my house in sandals and feeling the sun’s warm rays on my shoulders–dreaming about it as if it were a Caribbean vacation.

Despite the hardships endured, I remember that winter comes with a purpose.  Winter is a season of rest; it is a time for life to sleep, to breathe more slowly, to nourish itself in preparation for the warm months ahead.  For many, winter breeds creativity and inner strength.  Some would say that winter breeds the very resilience that we Minnesotans are known for, or what Finnish Minnesotans call “sisu”!

On warmer winter days, I love to take my girls for a stroll in the neighborhood, sometimes by sled, sometimes on foot.  Anna loves these winter excursions.  The crisp, fresh air often soothes her into a cuddly nap in the green Peekaru. Mia tolerates our excursions, but mostly loves playing in the snow upon our return home, oblivious to her frozen nose and the snow in her boots.  And THAT, bundled in a lovely 6-year-old package, is what I call sisu!

As for me, I’ll keep dreaming about that Caribbean vacation..

For more information on the Peekaru, click here.

**Although the idea of the Peekaru is a good one, I am disappointed in the quality of the product.  After using it just a couple of times, two of the seams started to unravel.  I still recommend it, since there isn’t a comparable product on the market (that I know of).  It makes winter with a baby much more easy and pleasant than it would be otherwise, even if I have to deal with a few junky seams.