one year ago

One year ago today, I stood in my kitchen, cradling my basketball of a belly, posing for  a last chance to capture this short-lived, sacred moment. Alan took a picture.  Four and a half days later, in the next room, my little Anna slipped out of me into water.

One year ago today, I did not know what lie ahead.  I spent each moment knowing that the next moment could change my life forever.  I had a comfort in the unknown, a trust that things would work out according to a plan that was out of my hands.  I loved my body and trusted it.  I trusted Anna. Even though my pelvis struggled to carry Anna’s body, it opened and passed Anna through it in a birth that was healing, peaceful, and perfect.

If I could live that time one thousand times over, I would.

Happy Tuesday, and best wishes to all of my pregnant mama friends!