another year, another birthday!

Alan turned 32 today! He was born on the first day of spring, which I’ve always thought a perfect metaphor for who he is.  Alan is purely spontaneous, bringing new perspectives into my life and never failing to surprise me…which is not *always* a good thing, but is what drew me to him and what gives my life its spark!  A kid at heart, he is playful, easy-going, and makes people happy.

Mia loves to make things for people and spent this whole week preparing for Alan’s birthday.  My generic Target-bought gifts didn’t hold a candle to her heartfelt creations, although I do think he is pretty excited about his new crank-handle camping lantern!

Alan is the proud owner of this make-believe fairy world: the dream of any grown man, right?

Another dream come true…maybe not, but it did pull at his heartstrings a bit.

And an extra gift to all of us today: Mia learned to tie her shoe laces–another little sign of her growing up ever so quickly.

Happy birthday to Alan, who keeps me laughing and always on my toes!


2 thoughts on “another year, another birthday!

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  1. lovely lisa! and, of course, happy birthday alan! i love getting a glimpse into your guys’ world and really, who *wouldn’t* love a fairy land? 🙂 p.s. mia is so creative and is getting to be quite the sewer, too, right?!

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