spring break without the camera

Some of the  joys of being married to my school teacher husband are the many vacations he gets.  This week, Alan is on spring break! We have a whole luxurious week to spend together as a family, catching up and reconnecting.  We also have plenty of time to do some –ahem– less pleasant jobs…such as taxes and wheel alignments.

This week, I am letting the housework go, just enough to savor this time with my most important people.  The laundry really can wait and those dust bunnies aren’t going anywhere.  I am not making fancy meals and were are reveling in leftovers and a few out-to-eat meals.

I am also taking a vacation from my camera, which tends to dominate the scene here in our house sometimes, driving people crazy in the process. As much as I love to capture those moments on film, I love even more to live in the moment and just take it all in–without having to worry about editing or getting that perfect shot.

Speaking of my camera, it is the focus of something new in my life: a desire to pursue a portrait photography business from home.  As much as I dislike anything business and am not known for my tech savvy, I do love to take photos of people.  So I am giving it a shot and setting up a studio in my house this week.  Details to come!