Walking into our garden this morning while carrying the season’s first pile of food scraps for the compost heap, I was suddenly surrounded by lovely little signs of spring that were barely there a few days ago.

Even under a wintery, gray sky, they were too irresistible not to photograph. I broke my no-camera-for-the-week plan and captured a few of these tinies in photos.

Irresistible promises of hope:


An unidentified tree in the neighboring yard



Tiger Lily

Mountain Ash, looking wintery…

And indoors, our terrarium shows its own promise of spring:

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Lisa. I love spring. It feels like a miracle when you see new buds appearing from what looks so… dead. What are the reddish bulb-like plants?

  2. Thanks, Liina! Those are rhubarb. If you have a sunny spot in your yard to put them in, I’d love to give you a plant. We have more than we can handle 🙂

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