two-surprise tuesday and getting out of my funk

We’ve kept up with out Two-Surprise Tuesday tradition and Mia is wild about it.  I haven’t been taking photos of it lately (to try to stay in the moment and not annoy Mia) but couldn’t resist the itch to do it today.  Today was the first day in two weeks that I have felt truly happy and I wanted to celebrate and capture a few sweet moments on camera.

Mia gets a bunch of surprises on Tuesdays–not just two.  She likes the name “Two-Surprise Tuesday” because it is catchy, so we’re keeping it that way.

Mia loves simple pleasures.  Her surprises can really be anything; as long as I say it’s a surprise it is super exciting to her.

Today she had:

hot cereal in the crock pot

a rainy day

hot chai tea

a picnic lunch in the kitchen (sandwiches in plastic baggies)

an impromptu meeting with daddy over lunch

a date with daddy and Anna at daddy’s work while mom went to her shrink

new pens, tape, paper and staples from Target

She loved it.

Mmmmm…..Oregon chai with whole milk,

from a straw, always…

lunch that was “supposed” to be outside, but the rain changed that…

and a surprise for Anna and me: Mia transformed into a llama.

Today I felt like myself again, after a couple of weeks of processing old garbage and going through what I call an emotional illness.  The waters inside me have calmed and I feel at peace.  Until next time, anyway.  Things like this come and go, and sometimes I need bad times to remind me of how good things really are in the good times.

I have an amazing therapist.  I am so grateful to have her as a guide, especially in hard times.  If any of you ever want a referral, let me know and I will gladly oblige.