Mama Mia ice-cream date

We started a tradition of Sunday evening Mama Mia dates, where Mia and I spend an hour or two together, just us.

Tonight we had ice cream on the front porch and painted with acrylic paints. We laughed about silly things and chatted about nothing…the way things used to be *all* the time about 13 months and 4 days ago!

I hope to keep this up forever and ever.

My dates with Mia are pretty special to me. I think they’re pretty special to her, too.  I hope this tradition will keep our lines of communication open  as she grows and finds independence.  I hope these Mama Mia date nights will leave some shiny deposits in the memory bank, too.

And of course, when Anna is old enough to care, I will do the same for her.

Oh, how I love that happy face!

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