Mother’s Day vacation

We spent the weekend at Baker Near-Wilderness Settlement, our second time there this year.

We love this place.  Not only only is it a simple, stress-free getaway close to home, but it’s cheap, too.  For us, being a one-income family means not taking tropical winter vacations.  Or driving new cars or donning fresh, trendy hairdos…

…but for $115 for a cabin that sleeps 8 (split with another family=CHEAP), who can go wrong? Our weekend in the (almost) wild left us feeling connected and rejuvenated and looking forward to next time.  We were also reminded that making memories does not always mean spending lots of money.

The settlement has eight cabins, each with eight bunks, table and benches, an outdoor fire pit, and a wood-burning indoor stove.  The cabins have no electricity or running water, but what they lack in amenities, they make up for in charm.  Staying here made me feel like like I was Laura Ingalls for a couple of days.

The Lodge at Baker is open 24 hours a day and has modern amenities, sans shower.  A large refirigerator and other storage areas are available for our use. Cooking and dishwashing happen at the fire pit.  An incredible, knowledgeable staff is around 24 hours a day to help and entertain us.  The staff coordinates activities all day long–enough so that no one could imagine being bored here or having nothing to do.

We made our stay as simple as possible by bringing cold, premade food and using paper plates and disposable cups and utensils.  Last time, we made our stay as complicated as possible by having greasy sloppy joes and washable plates and utensils. I know, our disposable mindset was not very earth-friendly or responsible.  It was, however, oh-so family friendly and much easier than washing dishes at the camp site.  I figure we can make up the difference the rest of the year by using cloth napkins and diapers, right?

We did not go canoeing, but I love how canoes look stacked on top of one another like this, so I posted the picture. The kids were too young to go on the lake. I didn’t mind; my fear of open water keeps me on dry land as much as possible, anyway.

That is Alisha at the top. Not me.

This is Anna watching Alisha climb to the top.  I think she wanted to do it, too.

This trip would not have been fun without our trusty Ergo baby carrier. Or without breastfeeding or co-sleeping, either, for that matter.

Click here to see our photos from our winter stay at Baker Near-Wilderness Settlement.

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