a few of my favorite things

I woke up to a glorious Saturday morning, with nothing planned for the day except whatever we felt like doing, which ended up being…

Mia finding a pole by our good parking spot with 15 free minutes in it

a morning trip to the Mill City Farmer's Market

eating crepes for breakfast

Anna frollicking in front of Mill City Museum

the first breakfast wasn't enough, so we had these, too.

As you can see, we spent roughly $32 on breakfast this morning.  And as much as I love the Mill City Farmer’s Market, I regrettably report that the food we ate deserved maybe one star…or not even.

Anna meeting a friendly "wow-wow"

Finding a local artist who makes something I love: tiny terrariums with tiny plants hanging from old window frames.
I fell in love.
I fell in love.
And I fell in love again. This one came home with me.

an impromptu visit to grandma's garden and the surprise of blooming Azaleas

...and various other lovely blooms

a statue reminding me of a roly-poly little person in my life

and last but not least…

a dry ride in grandpa's new boat

Happy Saturday, friends!