My pudgy baby wants to eat!

For about 14 months, Anna has been exclusively breastfed, except for the few nibbles of food here and there.

I would love to know how many hours I have  spent nursing her, how many calories I have expended doing it, and how much milk she has drunk. I think it would blow my freaking mind.

Because this baby has only had my milk (and does not have cow’s milk or formula and hardly any food), I am absolutely astounded by how plump she is! And big! Not to brag, but seriously! Look at her! She just grows and grows and the rolls keep on rolling.  I am starting to wonder whether I produce Half&Half instead of milk.

Nursing her exclusively has made my life pretty easy. I have an easy solution for all of her problems. When she is sad, tired, hungry, or needs to pacify, I nurse her.  I have nursed her during dinner instead of giving her expensive formulas or canned baby foods.  And the greatest benefit, perhaps, has been how healthy she has been.  That has made life pretty easy, too.

So the other day, my life became a bit more complicated. Anna wanted to eat! And eat, and eat, and eat…

And suddenly, I had an irresistible instinct that felt as urgent as nesting at the end of pregnancy: I had to make a bunch of food, and I had to make it NOW!

I made hard-boiled eggs, brown rice, peas, spoonfuls of coconut oil, and thawed blueberries and raspberries.  I smashed it up (but not mixed together) and put it in front of her three times that day.  And she ate it all.

Although I am a bit saddened by her transition into foods (partially because it won’t be AS easy anymore and partially because she is turning into a toddler), it makes me really happy and satisfied to see her eat such wholesome food so eagerly.

devouring every last bit
Evidence of my fatty milk

I can’t get the links to work…

So if you want more information on child-led weaning and breastfeeding, google that.

Also, google Weston Price Foundation for great information on healthy eating and feeding babies and toddlers.