bits and pieces of an awesome day

Today, I am 32 years old.

I had an awesome day.

It started with this...

this (made by Alan--not me)...

And this. (Translation: "You can make your own tea by yourself, or not; it's your choice.")

As if that weren’t enough (it would have been),

I ate this, all by myself...

while looking at this...

and this.

and later, I looked at this : one of my special peeps who made my awesome day possible (and got Anna to sleep while I ate my lunch and read my book, all by myself, on a perfect day in a perfect place.)

Later, I had a nap with my chubby baby and went on a date with Alan for the first time in 15 months.  Then we had Tiramisu and coffee, courtesy of Alisha (BFF and babysitter) at home.

This is what I looked like today.

I like being 32.