ten things

(inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, SouleMama.)

Ten things that made me happy today:

1. getting my first CSA box of the season, complete with juicy plums and cherries.

2. meeting the newborn baby (Claire) of my (since third-grade) lifelong friend, Jolene.

3. having a mom who loves me so much that she subscribes to my lame little blog.

4. having a mom who cooked me a delicious meal tonight, and always does when I come over, and did every night for 18 years while I lived under her roof.

5. watching Mia be brave at the dentist.

6. hearing Anna ask for a “Go-k” (walk) and ask to have her “dootys” (shoes) put on.

7. wearing makeup and a nice outfit, even if my hair is greasy from the beach last night.

8. having a special friend (Lish) who came over to close our windows, water our cat, and deliver our CSA share when we were out for the day (we did not ask her to, she just did it because that is how she is).

9. being in a tornado watch and not feeling scared about it.

10. going to sleep feeling safe and loved.


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