Anna’s tree

When I said "goodbye, placenta," Mia said, "It's not goodbye! It's HELLO! It is going to grow forever and ever." So there you go.  Wise words from the mouth of a child.

Goodbye, Anna’s placenta

We are burying Anna's placenta today. It will lie beneath a plum tree in our backyard, a few yards from the very spot where she was born. I have been dreading this day.  Which explains why I've put it off for 16 months. The last tangible thing I have from the birth (except Anna, of... Continue Reading →

return of the .

No, I am not embarrassed to talk about it.  Just how I was not embarrassed to share the news of my pregnancies, births, and even miscarriage.  It's just another piece of the wonder of womanhood, and I embrace it (most of the time). I got my period back.  I haven't had a period since May... Continue Reading →

behind the scenes

Most of the time, I post an entry here to imprint a moment or a day worth remembering.  Something I want to look back on and get nostalgic over.  Something that makes me feel like my life is pretty good. After a lot of these posts, it starts to look like my life is only... Continue Reading →

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