return of the .

No, I am not embarrassed to talk about it.  Just how I was not embarrassed to share the news of my pregnancies, births, and even miscarriage.  It’s just another piece of the wonder of womanhood, and I embrace it (most of the time).

I got my period back.  I haven’t had a period since May of 2008.  It’s been a long time, and I am glad to have it again.

This also explains my foul mood last night, as seen in my last post.  PMS is sometimes only recognized in hindsight, I guess, especially when I haven’t had it in over 2 years.

I am officially “normal” again.  I am no longer postpartum; my body has woken up from a long sleep and is telling me I can move on now.  It is a good feeling and I am happy to finally be here: in a predictable and reliable life pattern.

I practice Ecological Breastfeeding with Anna, which is probably why I went so long without a period.  This form of breastfeeding is nature’s way of birth control and managing child-spacing.  Although another pregnancy would absolutely not be welcome right now (in my mind), I suppose my body thinks otherwise.

Despite my crazy dreams and being kicked by Anna a few times last night, I slept well and woke up feeling refreshed and 100 times better than I felt last night.

Welcome back, normal.  And welcome back, period.

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