On to new things

I started this blog last October, when I had little time to devote to myself.  I wrote here while I wore Anna in her Sleepy Wrap while bouncing on a yoga ball, late at night or in the wee hours of morning.  I needed the outlet then; it was good for me.  I didn't know... Continue Reading →

When Mommy takes a vacation

Alan spent two days out of town this week for a seminar.  That means I was "on" for a full 48 hours, day and night.  No showers or bathroom breaks or meals were alone or in silence, no time by myself without sacrificing that precious thing called sleep. In my 48 hours of single-mommy-hood, I... Continue Reading →

ten things…

...that made me happy today 1. meeting Holly's brand-new baby boy named River 2. reading Grace's birth story, not once, but three times (to make sure I didn't miss anything) 3. stepping in a pile of poop and laughing about it with Mia, who is so good at laughing over life's unfortunate events 4. the... Continue Reading →

Why am I constantly nursing Anna?

Since I am not posting on Facebook anymore, I feel brave enough to write about the things I really want to write about because I know hardly anyone will read it.  I am not editing much or trying to create a masterpiece that I could sell off to a magazine. Nope, just writing what I... Continue Reading →

I quit Facebook

That's right, I did it.  I finally did it, and I am free. Over the last three years, I have probably spent hundreds of hours keeping up with the lives of 267 people, most of wh0m I will never see in real life.  I am not sure why this has been so addictive, but it... Continue Reading →

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