ten things…

…that made me happy today

1. meeting Holly’s brand-new baby boy named River

2. reading Grace’s birth story, not once, but three times (to make sure I didn’t miss anything)

3. stepping in a pile of poop and laughing about it with Mia, who is so good at laughing over life’s unfortunate events

4. the cool summer air blowing through the house

5. placing 13 book requests at the library and being excited to read (or skim) them

6. embarking on our second year of homeschool (unschool) and being delighted that I get to keep my girl at home

7. a refrigerator filled with new CSA veggies

8. washing dirty sandals in our new washing machine

9. thinking about painting Mia’s room bright pink

10. being up late, all by myself, while Anna sleeps in the porta-crib for the second night in a row (for a few hours, anyway)

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