When Mommy takes a vacation

Alan spent two days out of town this week for a seminar.  That means I was “on” for a full 48 hours, day and night.  No showers or bathroom breaks or meals were alone or in silence, no time by myself without sacrificing that precious thing called sleep.

In my 48 hours of single-mommy-hood, I chose to nap with Anna instead of clean, because nothing replenishes my “mommy cup” better than sleep. Then I chose to take the kids to the mall instead of clean, where we had bedtime snack at Jamba Juice instead of at home.

In those 48 hours, this is what happened:

Some people wonder what stay-at-home moms do all day.

Maybe this answers that question.

3 thoughts on “When Mommy takes a vacation

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  1. Geez, your hubby has to leave town for your house to get like that?! You’re doing pretty well for yourself I’d say!

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