a happy day at last

Thank you to all of my lovely friends and to my mom for your kind messages of love and support, and to my loving husband who stayed up into the wee hours of the night to listen and talk through and help me work through my inner turmoil. I am pleased to announce that I... Continue Reading →


floating beneath wild waves holding my air and hoping there is enough to last me until the storm is through.

ten things

Today I love... 1. beef barley soup waiting in the crock pot 2. that every time Anna sees an animal, even a spider, she yells "BUBBY!" 3. that we have no plans for the first weekend in a long, long time 4. fresh eggs from the Mill City Farmer's Market 5. a new down comforter... Continue Reading →

A new picture of me

Here's a picture Alan took of me the other day, which was better than today. I had a new haircut, highlights, my brows waxed...AND I had a shower, wore earrings, my cute new gray sweater thing, and even makeup.  I think I also ate three good meals that day and remembered to take all of... Continue Reading →

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