A new picture of me

Here’s a picture Alan took of me the other day, which was better than today.

I had a new haircut, highlights, my brows waxed…AND I had a shower, wore earrings, my cute new gray sweater thing, and even makeup.  I think I also ate three good meals that day and remembered to take all of my supplements.

The kids were happy and Alan and I had made up from our argument the day before about the way-too-big bill I stacked up at the salon.

Thank goodness for cameras and memories.

3 thoughts on “A new picture of me

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  1. Wow, you got all of that on the same day?! The stars really aligned for you! Lucky duck 🙂

    This is an adorable picture of you! For what it’s worth, you also looked beautiful the other day when you stopped by. I know there’s probably a huge difference in how you felt in those two moments, though, and I’m really glad you got the enjoyment of this ‘feeling good’ day. That is SO necessary when your days are usually filled with whining, diapers, and caring for everybody but yourself. I’m still waiting for the stars to align for me so I can get a picture of this new haircut of mine, but it might be grown out by the time that happens. lol

  2. You are so beautiful! Think of the big salon bill like a mental health expense. We all need to pamper ourselves once in a while. You pamper 3 other people 7 days a week and this was your turn!

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