a happy day at last

Thank you to all of my lovely friends and to my mom for your kind messages of love and support, and to my loving husband who stayed up into the wee hours of the night to listen and talk through and help me work through my inner turmoil.

I am pleased to announce that I am crawling out of my state and slowly returning to normal, as I have done and will probably continue to do many more times in my life.  Recovery takes time, space, and nurturing.  It never happens overnight, and usually I come out of it knowing more about myself than I did going into it.

Today was one of those days that reminded me of the “old days”…you know, the days before Anna arrived.  Back then, life felt more free and easy than it does now.  There was more quiet, more space, more fun, more connection between Mia and me.  Back then, I really, really, really loved being a full-time mama.  These days, those feelings aren’t always in the foreground.  But my lucky stars lined up, and today, those feelings were back.

We visited my sister Daja and her man, Ryan, and enjoyed a slice of homemade pie (thanks, Daja and Ryan) and some laughs. Then we drove to the Children Museum, which happens to be closed on Mondays (same as all the other Mondays I’ve driven there and turned around), so we ended up at the Como zoo–one of my favorite places to visit after the school year has begun.

Como was quiet and spacious and we almost had the whole place to ourselves.  Anna was content being carried on my chest in the Ergo for a while (which eliminated the usual chasing, catching, screaming, and kicking that she seems to like doing whenever we take her out in public). And when she had to run, there was space for her to do it without getting lost and/or trampled.

The weather was perfect and I was going strong from my 6-raw-egg-yolk smoothie I had for breakfast.  And I even wore makeup and styled my hair and wore earrings, because I’ve noticed lately how that perks up my mood.

Dinner tonight is beef short ribs that I put in the oven this morning (baked on low heat in BBQ sauce in cast-iron pot all day) with sweet potato oven fries. Maybe we will even eat dinner outside on a blanket.

A delicious end to a perfect, happy day.

I hope your day was bright and happy, too.


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