I love love.

Today I am grateful for the simple gift of having love in my heart.

Having children has taught me a lot of things, but most importantly it has taught me the meaning of unconditional love.  I love them.  And I love them no matter what.  I will always love them, no matter what.  I will never abandon them, physically nor emotionally.  I love their daddy, although it has taken me many years to choose to give him unconditional love.  Loving unconditionally makes a person vulnerable.  I am okay with being vulnerable now.

I am working on healing my wounded inner child by giving that inner child my unconditional love–the same love I have for my own children.  I got some exercises from my therapist, Ivonne, who is a gift in my life.  I love her.  The exercises are working wonders and I have been doing them every day and moving past some old emotional traumas.  Finally, I am starting to feel a little lighter.

I love my midwife, Jeanne (scroll down on the link to see her).  She has cancer.  I brought her a chicken pot pie yesterday, and it made me really happy.  It made her happy, too. I loved seeing her, giving her a big hug, having her in my heart forever.  I am very sad that she going to suffer and go through chemo.  I want her to do the Gerson therapy instead, but I am not sure whether I should tell her about it or not.  I want to respect her boundaries.  So I am listening to my intuition and waiting to get a sense for whether I should send her the DVD  about Gerson therapy, The Beautiful Truth, or not…

I love my friends.  You are what make my life feel whole. Before I had you, I was lonely.

I love the sunshine today, and I love that my 6-year-old can play out in it all day long with her friend, Adam, who is 4.  I love that they like playing together, even though they are two years apart and different genders.  I love that Mia doesn’t care about things like that.  I love how she likes to play and have fun and be a real kid.

I love that Anna is a little stinker.  I love the words she is learning to say and I love when she likes to run around naked.  I love her chunky little body and I want to bite her.

The end.

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  1. Jeanne has cancer!!! What the heck? This is the first I’m hearing of it. I want her to the Gersen Therapy too (I saw that movie a couple of months ago). And chiropractic! Get her body healing again. Chemo is not a good choice. Ahhh!

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