one car

We are officially a one-car family now.  I've been wanting to do it for a while, in order to simplify our lives and cut costs so we can live more comfortably on our income. I am free to bring Alan to work in the morning any day I'd like, as long as I pick him... Continue Reading →

a seed of change

Mean parents make mean kids. Mean kids turn into mean adults.  Mean adults marry other mean adults and make more mean children.  The cycle continues and multiplies for generations. That is, unless one of those children is a seed.  Even without space and nourishment, a seedling will sprout. She will be stepped on, blown over,... Continue Reading →

Welcome, winter!

Today started with a freshly stocked AND cleaned fridge (happens about twice yearly)... and while I was at it, thought I'd better clean out those cupboards, too... To everyone's excitement, this was right outside our front window: Daddy's special Saturday morning breakfast, complete with eggnog, bacon, and chocolate pasty, not to mention CHRISTMAS MUSIC (courtesy... Continue Reading →

I gave her an egg

Actually, she *demanded* an egg while I was cooking breakfast...and as I often do, I caved and gave in to her demand.  It seemed of utmost importance that she have that egg, and that she have it right now. Who am I to stand in her way? It is only an egg, right?   I... Continue Reading →

the delayed Halloween report

  Our day was filled with trick-or-treating at grandma and grandpa's and in our own neighborhood, pumpkin carving, costume wearing, candy eating, and Anna pushing her baby in the stroller everywhere we went. Mia chose their costumes months ago.  I love that she has been a black cat for two years in a row, and... Continue Reading →

Hot cocoa and popcorn

Right now, I am drinking hot cocoa made with coconut milk topped with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon, while eating a bowl of popcorn. Mia is at Adam's house, Anna is sleeping. I am blissfully alone, the house is quiet.  It is both eerie and wonderful, and I am holding my breath because I know... Continue Reading →

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