the delayed Halloween report


Our day was filled with trick-or-treating at grandma and grandpa’s and in our own neighborhood, pumpkin carving, costume wearing, candy eating, and Anna pushing her baby in the stroller everywhere we went.

Mia chose their costumes months ago.  I love that she has been a black cat for two years in a row, and she is perfectly content with such a simple costume.

Every year I feel differently about the candy issue.  Normally I have a lot of anxiety about the toxic stuff, but this year I was able to let go a little, even letting Anna eat a little Hershey bar.

After a couple of days, we threw out what was left of the candy (with Mia’s permission, believe it or not), because “Halloween is over!”


4 thoughts on “the delayed Halloween report

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  1. I love these pictures – you captured the fun and the spirit of the holiday, and it looks so cozy and inviting.

    I love that Anna pushed her stroller around everywhere you went. And how great that Mia doesn’t mind throwing the candy away!

  2. WOW! That is the happiest bunch of jack-o-lanterns I’ve ever seen! I love the cheerful faces instead of scary ones. 🙂 It’s great!

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