a seed of change

Mean parents make mean kids.

Mean kids turn into mean adults.  Mean adults marry other mean adults and make more mean children.  The cycle continues and multiplies for generations.

That is, unless one of those children is a seed.  Even without space and nourishment, a seedling will sprout. She will be stepped on, blown over, cut down.  She will become disfigured, shooting water sprouts to ensure her survival.  Beside the strong, thick oak she will be overlooked.

But she will grow.  She will plant her own seeds.  Even without space and nourishment, seedlings will sprout.  They will protect each other from wind; they will reach too high to be stepped on and grow too strong to be cut down.   A forest will grow.  The old will nourish the new.  The old ones will die and feed the soil, sustaining the next generation.

Kind parents make kind children.  Kind children turn into kind adults, who marry kind adults and make kind children.  And the cycle continues and grows for generations, creating a multiplicity of kindness that can spread to epidemic proportions.

What’s not to love about that?

Be a seed of change.

Choose kindness.