A little thing that has changed my life in a big way

I night weaned Anna two months ago.

Or more accurately, “We” night-weaned Anna.

Alan and Anna did the hard, noisy, and sleepless work together in the upstairs bedroom.  I slept peacefully by myself in my big, comfy bed.  The first night was very difficult for me and I didn’t sleep much; hearing Anna cry for me was almost more than I could bear.  But determined that we could get through this and that I needed this much more than Anna needed nighttime “mee-mees”, I stuck it out.

The results were more incredible than I had ever imagined.

After a month of sleeping through the night and producing less milk, I felt like a new woman.  My energy started to come back, more and more each day.  My mood was lifted and I felt optimistic and tolerant again.

After a month of sleeping alone and Alan doing the nighttime parenting, he got worn out and ended up getting pretty sick.  So they both came back into my bed and are still in it.  Anna wakes up once a night and gently asks for “mee-mees” (yes, still–she is persistent!).  When I tell her the mee-mees are sleeping, she cuddles beside me and sleeps the rest of the night.

Ahh, bliss.

Life right now

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, and I am starting to miss this space a bit.

Life without internet at home is still a good thing, but I am slowly falling off the face of the internet world.  I am checking Facebook once a week or less.  I almost never blog.  I only sign into my email so I can order my farm-fresh milk every week.

As a result, I am more checked in to myself and my own life than I’ve been in a long time.

I still wish we didn’t have a television, but at the same time, I am grateful to PBS for being a free babysitter on days I need it most.  I don’t watch any television and I haven’t for many years and I haven’t missed it yet.

Alan and I are dreaming and talking seriously about moving to the country and starting our own little farm.  We are both starving for the space, fresh air, freedom, and quiet of the country.  I want fresh eggs and milk and vegetables and I want my kids to learn the satisfaction of real, meaningful work.  I want them to learn real skills–I want them to know how to survive off the land.  And I, of course, want to learn all of that, too.

So we’re reading about keeping chickens and growing food and all things self-sufficient.  I love that I have another long-term project to look forward to, think about, and fill my life with.  It is exciting.

Our dream won’t become a reality for some time, but that’s ok.  That leaves time to read and plan and make sure we are sure about it.  Alan will get his principal license and finish his two-year commitment to his new position as Master Teacher, and after that, we’ll start looking around for a new place to live.  That is, if things go as planned.