I am back online!

We have internet again, and wireless even.

We still only have Alan’s laptop from work, so I don’t have unconditional access to this thing.  I am glad for that, because I know how little self-control I have with the internet.

This blue-light screen is a bad idea for me late at night, but here I am anyway.  I guess I am so excited that I can’t control myself even on the first day.

We made it exactly six months without internet at home.  It was a great thing for us–but it had to come to an end.  I couldn’t keep up on my emails.  I forgot to put in my milk order.  I went to Caribou and bought more decaf mochas than I ever intended. I missed my library overdue notices and racked up $28.90 in fines.

Despite the unexpected costs that came with not having internet, I am still pretty sure we saved a few bucks.

Being internet-less meant Alan and I spent time together at night after the kids went to bed.  It meant we kept up on the housework and talked more with our kids.  We read more, went outside more, felt more grounded.  It was good.

I am curious to see where this leads.  And I am glad to be back.