time away

For the past several years, our summers have been times of serious downtime and blissful freedom.  Alan has had his summers off, and except for a little gig here and there, I haven’t worked.

This summer is different, however; I am working and gone from the house about 20 hours a week, while Alan is working toward his Principal licensure which takes about 10 hours a week.  It’s a change of pace for us, but a good one.  I miss the freedom a bit, but the extra income is wonderful and I love that Alan is working toward something new.

We took 4 days off from classes and work and headed up to the Thompson family cabin.  It was our first stretch of relaxation time yet this summer, and it was quite wonderful…mostly.  Sans the screaming in the car all the way up and all the way back, that is.

sunset at the cabin

Besides the mosquitos who seem to love my blood more than any other, the cabin is a beautiful place to be.  For the most part, it is serenely quiet.  Quiet enough to hear crickets and frogs and birds singing, waves splashing gently against the rocky shore.  It’s hard to come back to the noise of the city…and reminds me of my longing to move away from it and into my own quiet piece of nature.

on a daytrip to the Lake Superior shore
lighthouse at the lift bridge

lift bridge descending after letting through a barge

my girls and me

lighthouse at the pier

Until next time.

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