Today was an awesome day. Yesterday was pretty great, too.

Today was an awesome day.  Yesterday was pretty great, too.

Though I am still stewing a bit over my getting fired because of being insulted by an insult, I am working hard to move past it and embrace all that is good in my life (and there is so much to embrace).  Sometimes I just need a little reminder.

Watching documentaries about real people in difficult situations is always helpful when I’m feeling sorry for myself.  My current personal favorite is the show “30 Days“, which we’ve been watching on Netflix.  Watching the episode about life in Navajo Nation got me back into gear pretty quickly.  We live like royalty compared to most people in the world.

Because I want to remember the past two very awesome days, I will record them here so I won’t forget.  We have good days and bad days, and in looking back, it seems that the good days outnumber the bad.  I am grateful for that.

Yesterday morning we had breakfast at the Seward Cafe, one of our favorite crunchy joints in town.  Even though it’s not the cleanest or neatest venue, we feel right at home there–amongst dreadlocks, B.O., and organic, home-cooked food.

After stopping at the neighborhood playground where we get to experience being minorities in a Somali community for a while (a very good thing), we headed down the block to shop at the co-op, which turned out to be the highlight of our day.  Not because the co-op is awesome (which it is), but because a special performer was playing in the cafe that morning: a virtuoso of Spanish guitar.  Coincidentally, this has been Mia’s favorite instrument as of late and she’s been asking to learn it.

Said Mia of the music: “This makes me feel so ALIVE!”  She watched and listened intently in the cafe while I roamed the store and filled the cart.

Because I am too shy to approach people, I asked Alan to chat with the musician and figure him out.  I could tell he was someone special–something about him and the way he played was extraordinary.

Turns out, he has a studio and teaches kids as young as 2. Turns out, Mia wants to have lessons with him.

Turns out, he is extraordinary, too.  Said he of Mia: “I knew right when she walked in that she’s got it.  The way she watches and listens and follows along, she’s got it.  Is she creative?”  Alan: “Yes.” Him: “Of course.”

That touched me deeply.  Here is someone who sees the light in Mia that I have always seen–and a stranger, even.  Someone who doesn’t need to ask her questions about what grade she’s in, if she likes being a big sister, if she likes her long hair–and then be put off and uncomfortable with her shyness and lack of interest in talking about nothingness.  Here is someone who “gets” her without exchanging a word.  That is simply extraordinary.

The best thing about homeschooling is that we can choose our people.  We can choose who teaches, influences, and guides us.  We’re inevitably taught, influenced, and guided by all the people we meet, the places we see, the experiences we dive into.  But there is a magic in finding that divine match: the person who appreciates and understands and respects our own path.

Tonight, Mia auditioned for a choir she’s been determined to join.  At first I was hesitant because it’s more of a time and financial commitment than we’ve ever taken on.  I tried my hand at compromising with her.  Would she join the home-schooler’s choir? No.  Would she take singing lessons? No.  She knew confidently and with complete certainty that this was the choir she had to be a part of.  So I went with her gut; I trusted her.  This is, after all, her path.

She walked confidently into the audition room and asked us to wait outside.  We did.  She and the choir director came out shortly thereafter and Mia was immediately asked to join the choir.  Rarely, said the director, can a child her age sing the way she can.  Again, someone who saw that light in Mia.  It was a spectacular feeling, and I was certain that we’d made the right choice.  Mia knows best. I learned that again today.

The choir performs several times a year.  They have made CD recordings and had performances on public radio.  The directors are a part of a professional vocal ensemble that is known nationwide, and they are incredible.  I think this is going to be a life-altering experience for Mia.  I am humbled and honored to be a part of it.

There is a magic in living the life you want to live, no matter what your age; there is a magic in doing what makes you feel alive.


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  1. How exciting for Mia to be finding what makes her soul sing at such a young age! She is blessed to have parents like you who support her in following her dreams. Sounds like it was a wonderful day 🙂

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