things are better now.

Things are better now. It feels good to cry and complain for a while and then the cloud lifts and I am able to see my life clearly again. I am not mad at the orthodontist anymore; my problem is not her fault.  I am grateful she helped me when I wanted her help. Money... Continue Reading →

a bad day.

After this post, my goal is to get to sleep and put this day behind me. I made the decision to try Invisalign to correct my bite, which my dentists have been pushing me to do for quite some time.  My teeth are shifting as I age, and the way they are shifting is causing... Continue Reading →


This happens to me at least once a month or so. By this, I mean having a racing mind that is trying to sort things out, planning, processing, or worrying.  And by this, I mean being unable to fall asleep after trying and trying.  For hours. Sleep is very important to my wellbeing and especially... Continue Reading →

there was a little girl…

Anna is two and a half years old. And she has the cutest hair. She wants to wear her ballerina outfit every day. Even though it is stained and torn and getting tighter and tighter by the minute. My little munchkin. Love her.

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