Ayurveda and my post-Thanksgiving blues

I learned about Ayurveda a while back after my friend Lish introduced me to it.  Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine that is 5,000 years old.   Originating in India, it is the oldest known health-care system in the world. Learning about Ayurveda has changed how I view myself, my health, other people, and... Continue Reading →

a lovely gift idea for the holidays

For the third time I had the honor of photographing a few of Erin's beautiful soaps. They smell almost good enough to eat. Here are photos from previous years, and more here--although I am not sure whether these products are still available. These will be for sale in her Etsy shop this year, along with... Continue Reading →

a warm November

We ventured to Hyland Lake Park Reserve, one of my favorite places. I love nature. I love taking my girls into nature.  I would like to live closer to nature, but that's a story for another day. Without toys, TV, or walls, they play happily.  For hours.  They run, breathe fully, their cheeks turn pink. ... Continue Reading →

Anna’s dream come true

Over the past couple of months, Anna has acquired a new dream: to skate on the ice like her big sister. She has shed a few tears and yearningly looked at the ice each time we've dropped big sister off at her ice skating lessons. Although she is too young for lessons and almost too... Continue Reading →

Fall, so far.

Between worrying about too much and trying to quiet my racing mind, these little moments bring peace to my life and remind me of what I love. I love fall. I love the weather we've had in recent weeks.  I love spending most of my days with my little girls who will be grown before... Continue Reading →

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