today I have clarity.

After many nights of good sleep, despite being rather scheduled and busy for several days, I am feeling calm and happy.  The hardest part of the holidays has passed.  I actually enjoyed all of our Christmas and Solstice celebrations (thank you, sleep).  I am breathing peace and clarity. Once again, I am in the comfortable... Continue Reading →

welcome, winter!

This year we started a new tradition: a winter solstice party.  It was a hit and Mia and I especially loved it.  No pressure, expectations, or traveling.  Just our little family celebrating the darkest night of the year and welcoming winter (which so far has been very non-winter-like.) We had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato... Continue Reading →

the most wonderful time of the year?

Since I started paying attention about 3 years ago, I believe I have had an emotional meltdown every year at this time.  It begins around Thanksgiving, increasingly worsens, peaks at Christmas and dwindles by New Year's Eve.  This year it may have peaked a bit prematurely (last week), so I am optimistic that things will... Continue Reading →

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