today I have clarity.

After many nights of good sleep, despite being rather scheduled and busy for several days, I am feeling calm and happy.  The hardest part of the holidays has passed.  I actually enjoyed all of our Christmas and Solstice celebrations (thank you, sleep).  I am breathing peace and clarity. Once again, I am in the comfortable place where I appreciate and love my life.

Alan is off for two weeks.  I love that. This means I will have help with the children and housekeeping every single day for 14 days.  It means that there will be room for me.  It means I may catch up on last year’s photo album or clean out the art closet or organize the basement.  Or I may just forget about the to-do list altogether and simply be.  Heaven knows I need that.

For the new year, I have one simple plan: Nurture myself every day.

Nurturing myself makes me happy.  When I am happy I am my best self; when I am my best self, I bring positive energy into all of my relationships and my heart bursts with love.  I want to give that gift to my children so that they will remember their childhoods with warm hearts.  I want to give my best self to my husband so that our marriage will stand the tests of time and parenting.  I want to give my best self to my friends and family so that their journeys may be a bit lighter.

Happy day.

oh, how I love her and want to give her my best self.

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