media overdrive

I am exposed to about 9 hours of CNN per week; my lovely elderly lady likes to have it on when we are together.  I respect her interests, but lately it has been much too much.  With all of the Newt and Mitt and Obama arguing and discussing, I think I actually dislike politics and am not sure I even want to vote again.  The whole thing is so intense and negative and biased and annoying.

I am also on Facebook overdrive once again.  Too much information, too much wasted time, too much of a lure for something that adds nothing to my happiness.  I have too many people on there and think about them too much.  I want to think more about me and my little family and how I want to spend my time.

I want to close in for a while, live a secluded and quiet life as much as I can until I feel balanced again.  So I deactivated my Facebook account and will bring a photo album or two to my next shift at work–in hope that this may instigate a turned-off television.