shifting dreams

I want to be self-sufficient.  I want to be debt-free. I want to build a home off the grid, live of the land, have a ceramic studio, raise animals and teach my children to do the same.  Or so I think. Alan wants to be a school principal.  In the meantime he wants to pursue... Continue Reading →

finding my voice

Revisiting my older posts gives me a sometimes awkward glimpse of my journey.  At any given moment I seem to think that I have mostly everything figured out, that I write in my authentic voice.  But in going back and re-reading my words, it becomes clear that I didn't have everything figured out.  My voice... Continue Reading →

Mama and Mia book club

My biggest girl is eight.  She is growing before my eyes, morphing into a new form of personhood that feels suddenly foreign.  Her mannerisms, her sense of humor, her enjoyment of making faces in the mirror--they are typical, but new.  Typical of someone who is eight.  New to me, although I suppose that once upon... Continue Reading →

things I love today

Ten things I love today: 10. Shopping at the Wedge without the children and browsing the Health and Beauty aisles so long that I think dust began to gather on my groceries, 9. my cupboard of homeopathic remedies and essential oils and other little tricks that I have learned to use over the years, 8.... Continue Reading →

this is really my life

Today I woke up from a nap and had a revelation: "This is my life.  This is who I really am." Since I can remember, I have been waiting for my life to begin.  I have been waiting to figure out who I am, waiting for my life to happen, feeling an odd sense of... Continue Reading →

a lovely day

This has been a lovely week and today was an especially lovely day. I have been sleeping well and eating well this week--and hence I have been cooking a lot.  But because I have been organized this week, cooking has been unusually pleasant.  I could get used to this. Today I ate no sugar or... Continue Reading →

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