a lovely day

This has been a lovely week and today was an especially lovely day.

I have been sleeping well and eating well this week–and hence I have been cooking a lot.  But because I have been organized this week, cooking has been unusually pleasant.  I could get used to this.

Today I ate no sugar or flour and I can already feel the effect.  I feel calm and good.

This morning we had a lovely little playdate with friends and then went to a homeschool program at Westwood Nature Center, which was absolutely lovely.  It was fun and simple and well organized, and the staff is superb.  Some of my favorite people are naturalists at the Three Rivers Parks.

Anna loved the puppet show at the end of the homeschool program and was laughing and making comments out loud throughout: “That is SO FUNNY!” “Is that a FOX?”

Today was one of those days where I love my life so very much, love my girls, love and appreciate my husband who goes to work each day, love that I am homeschooling, love the community that I live in.

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