finding my voice

Revisiting my older posts gives me a sometimes awkward glimpse of my journey.  At any given moment I seem to think that I have mostly everything figured out, that I write in my authentic voice.  But in going back and re-reading my words, it becomes clear that I didn’t have everything figured out.  My voice and words from the past seem inauthentic now; my ideas seem off.  Perhaps authentic at the time, but not now.

Exploring and evolving all the time is how I find my voice.  My voice changes as I grow.  I am steadily abandoning total idealism and moving onward to realism.  I am finding the desire to say it with fewer words.  Less is more.

Having a blog is a reminder of where I have been and where I am, though at times, awkward.  Still, I like the continuity this blog has given to my life, the connectedness between my years, its nakedness.  It is safe to be me.

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