dreams come true

Since writing my vision board and creating my treasure map, I have taken some down time to think and refocus.  I’ve felt frozen and have neglected housework and neglected my family a little, too.  I tend to do this when I am gearing up for something new and exciting and when my creative juices are flowing.  I love that feeling.

I visualize and feel my dreams every day and run through my most important ones as much as I can.  The strongest one I desire is my dream of our new house, of Mia’s orthodontics, my orthodontics, and Mia’s poop issue being resolved.  The house dream gives me so much positive energy and joy just to think about it.  Even better, Alan is into it, too, and seems as excited as I am.

This morning I woke up and something outside of me was driving me.  I started organizing and going through the old stash of papers on my kitchen shelf that have been taunting me for months.  One of my visions on my vision board and treasure map are to be organized with papers.

I went through each paper, one by one, and discarded a grocery-bag full.  I sorted the tax papers and put them into categorized piles, ready for Alan to deal with next week when he does the taxes.  I sorted the girls’ artwork and memorabilia into their own manila envelopes, labeled with name and year and put into their boxes in the basement.  Done.  Simple as that.

I then called the orthodontist and told her we’d be starting Mia’s treatment in June, because we would have the money saved by then.  As of now I have $100 saved toward our goal of $3,600.  I don’t know how exactly it will happen, all I know is that it WILL happen as long as I believe and put my energy into visualizing it.

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