My first wish has come true


I watched “The Secret” a while back and it got my wheels turning.  While I already believed that our thoughts and feelings create our reality and that the mind and body are deeply intertwined (thank you, Louise Hay), I hadn’t realized that I could ask for material things that I wanted in my life and make them become reality, simply by believing in them.

I created my treasure map, or wish list, on March 22nd, which is posted privately on my blog because I am keeping the wishes secret until they are fulfilled.  I will reveal one by one as they come true, and in their own time, they all will.

I have thought about my list every day, sometimes several times, and visualized the ones most important to me and believing that all of my wishes will come true.

Yesterday, my first wish came true.

The wish/belief was “I will have $xxxx saved by June 1st, 2012 to pay for Mia’s orthodontic treatment to begin in June.”

The wish came true two months ahead of schedule.  Our tax returns gave me exactly the amount I needed to add to what I already had saved in my savings account–and I now have exactly the amount I asked for.  Exactly.

When I made this wish,  I really had no idea how I would be able to come up with that amount of money in such a short time.  But I didn’t worry about the “how”–I just believed it would happen.  And it did!

Dreams come true.

I always get exactly what I need.

Thank you.

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