Easter bunnies and related things

Easter is almost like Christmas around here, but more simple, short, and therefore possibly more fun.

Expectations are low; we don’t have to travel or get together with multiple families, preparation can be last minute and still work out, and stuffing an Easter basket with goodies rarely costs over $25.

This year, a fat bunny sat in our yard on Easter morning before the big egg hunt.  How perfect was that? Anna announced delightedly that the Easter bunny was here.  Although I am not for pushing beliefs about Santa or the Easter bunny too hard, I cherish this sweet and  innocent phase that encapsulates Anna these days–a world in which no logic befalls her and her real and imaginary worlds completely entwine.

Mia figured out the truth about Santa and Easter Bunny when she was about Anna’s age.  Mia has always been able to see beyond the surface and detect inauthenticity.  “The Santa at the mall is just a man in a costume,” Mia announced many Christmases ago…and in an instant solved our parental dilemma of “to lie or not to lie (about Santa and other delusions)”.  She is too intuitive to fall for any bull, including that which is meant to be fun.

Now with Anna, I will wait and see how things unfold.  How long will her beliefs continue without us parents feeding them? I don’t know the answer, although I do hope it doesn’t last so long that I have to break the news to an unsuspecting 10-year-old.

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