This blog is where I go to sort things out when my mind is on overdrive.  It always makes me feel better to write things down, even if afterward it seems silly. Today I was sad all day.  Then I went to work with the old lady that I care for.  Now I am home,... Continue Reading →

a hard and strange day

After immersing myself in my past (by spending a few days at my childhood home) I am feeling strange.  Not necessarily due to anything in particular; I had a wonderful time.  Going back in time inevitably opens old wounds--those that we all have. I am overcome with feelings of guilt and inadequacy and feeling stuck. ... Continue Reading →

ten things

this week I love: 10. my dad teaching Mia how to skip rocks, with sweetness and laughter 9. sunset at Lakefront beach in my hometown of Hudson, Wisconsin 8. 10 books for $1.50 from the thrift store that I went to with my mom 7. selling three of those books online hours after posting them... Continue Reading →

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