ten things

this week I love:

10. my dad teaching Mia how to skip rocks, with sweetness and laughter

9. sunset at Lakefront beach in my hometown of Hudson, Wisconsin

8. 10 books for $1.50 from the thrift store that I went to with my mom

7. selling three of those books online hours after posting them

6. a good-morning snuggle between my girls first thing in the morning

5. ping-pong on the dining room table

4. both the complicatedness and simplicity of life

3. jazz playing on Mia’s radio–that’s my girl!

2. seeing the beauty of my childhood home, as if for the first time

1. the softness and warmth of Alan’s embrace after being apart AND his drawing me a bath with lavender oils, candles, and music (I added that just for you, Alan)

2 thoughts on “ten things

Add yours

  1. Here I thought that the drawing of a hot bath accompanied by Lavendar oils, candle light and relaxing music would’ve made the list. Or maybe my dedicated time in the garage.
    Oh well. Maybe next time…

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