watching the clouds roll by

I am on my second day of bed rest.  I sprained my ankle after taking a fall the other day, also spilling a fresh pan of rhubarb crisp and breaking Alisha’s nice ceramic pan all over her driveway.  Learning that my ankle was not broken was one of the happier moments of my life; I am grateful that it will be able to heal on its own and doesn’t require surgery or a cast.  I was also happy that I had fast and courteous service at Brookdale Urgent Care.  Isn’t it great when things go smoothly, even when they are unplanned?

Nontheless, I need rest and a little TLC.  I have been taking Arnica, proteolytic enzymes, epsom salt baths, and a little ibuprofen here and there.  My foot has been elevated and iced most of the time, except for when I hop around on one leg or on crutches.  The swelling and bruising is already improved and I am hopeful I will be able to walk in a few more days and start my rehab exercises.

This is the second time in six years that I have sprained this ankle.  The first time was far less severe and I was able to walk right away, though not without pain.  After learning about the laws of attraction and reading Louise Hay to my heart’s content, I believe my repeated sprains are telling me something, whether I want to hear about it or not. I created the pattern that invited this accident into my life, and I now release the pattern.

I will post my sprained ankle affirmations in my bathroom and practice them every day, and be willing and open to change.  In the meantime, I will give myself lots of TLC and enjoy some much-needed downtime.  Maybe I will watch a movie or read something for pleasure.  Lord knows I don’t take enough time for that in my regular life.

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